Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Learn more about the new characters, like Liko and Roy, that you'll meet in Pokémon Horizons: The Series.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series is an exciting new Pokémon story featuring the adventures of Liko and Roy, as well as the many friends and foes they encounter! Meet interesting groups like the Rising Volt Tacklers and the Explorers, plus other important characters and countless Pokémon along the way.

The Story

Join Liko and Roy in the vast world of Pokémon! Liko is a student at Indigo Academy, where she’s learning to become a better Pokémon Trainer alongside her partner Pokémon, Sprigatito. She embarks on a journey to explore the mysteries of the world, and is joined by Roy, another young Pokémon Trainer who travels with Fuecoco as his partner Pokémon.

Throughout their adventure, they’ll discover amazing Pokémon on land, at sea, and in the air—everywhere from forests to cities. No matter where they go, they’re sure to have awesome encounters with Pokémon of all shapes and sizes.

What encounters and challenges await Liko and Roy? And what role will each of their curious keepsakes play in the story that awaits them?

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Main Characters

Liko & Sprigatito

Liko is a girl from the Paldea region. A mysterious pendant she received from her grandma will set her off on a new adventure with her Grass-type partner Pokémon, Sprigatito!

Roy & Fuecoco

Roy is a boy who lives on a remote island in the Kanto region. He longs for adventure and dreams of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. He possesses a mysterious, unique-looking Poké Ball that will become an important part of his journey. His partner Pokémon, Fuecoco, is good-natured and sure loves to eat and sing!

Rising Volt Tacklers

Friede and Captain Pikachu lead the Rising Volt Tacklers, a group who travels on an airship in pursuit of understanding the mysteries of the Pokémon world. Orla enjoys mechanical and electrical work, and she’s accompanied by her partner Pokémon, Metagross. There’s Murdock, a skillful cook, who is joined by his partner Pokémon, Rockruff. Mollie specializes in healing treatments and travels with her partner Pokémon, Chansey, at her side. And then there’s Ludlow, who’s skillful with a fishing pole.

Friede & Captain Pikachu

Not only is Friede the leader of the Rising Volt Tacklers—he’s also a formidable Pokémon battler in his own right. Alongside him is Captain Pikachu, who helps command the airship. Friede is also joined by Charizard.

Murdock & Rockruff

Murdock is happiest when the members of the Rising Volt Tacklers are enjoying his latest culinary creations. His partner Pokémon is Rockruff, whose sharp nose never forgets a scent.

Orla & Metagross

Orla is a mechanic and engineer in charge of airship maintenance, and her skills are top-notch. Her partner Pokémon, Metagross, helps her keep the ship in perfect working order.

Mollie & Chansey

Responsible for the medical care of the Pokémon on the airship, Mollie stays cool under pressure. Her partner Pokémon, Chansey, also helps heal injured Pokémon and is kind to everyone it meets.


This wise old fisherman is also part of the Rising Volt Tacklers. More often than not, you’ll find him with a line dangling off the side of the ship.

The Explorers

During their adventure, Liko and Roy will cross paths with the Explorers, a group that’s after Liko and her pendant.

Amethio & Ceruledge

Amethio travels with his partner Pokémon, Ceruledge, who battles its opponents using the fiery blades on its arms. Amethio seemingly has his eyes on Liko’s pendant.

Zirc & Rhydon

Zirc is a member of the Explorers who reports to Amethio. He has a rugged and strong personality, and he specializes in battles that give him a chance to show the power of his partner Pokémon, Rhydon.

Onia & Golduck

Onia, another Explorers member who reports to Amethio, has a weakness for cute things. Golduck is her partner Pokémon.

Other Characters


Nidothing is a popular video streamer who wears a costume to hide her true identity. Liko is a big fan of her videos.